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Welcome Home – Time to Detox (Part 1)

While traveling, I normally let my everyday routines go by the wayside. I will allow myself to indulge in good food and local treats. Exercise is not usually included in my travel plans but I do manage to stay fairly active. Infact, on a recent trip I walked so much that I actually lost weight!

Returning home is bittersweet and getting back into a routine can be a challenge. Personally I like to take at least one full day to unpack, start laundry, combat jetlag, and DETOX!

Here is what I do: (1-2 days)

1. At the start of my day I put on my waist trainer. It helps with bloating and regulating digestion. Trust me, it works!

2. Glass of water. During the course of the day, drink a gallon of water. Yes – a gallon or more!

3. Breakfast -Protein shake with strawberries, coffee with almond milk and stevia, large glass of water, and a multivitamin.

4. Unpack luggage and pile up the laundry.

5. Snack – handful of almonds and more water!

6. Lunch- Protein shake with berries, raw veggies, and lots of water!

7. Snack – Apple and WATER!

8. Dinner – Assortment of raw veggies with herbal tea (get all of your water in before dinner)

9. Waist trainer off

10. At home facial and shower

11. Early to bed! (adjusting to time zone and not feeling tired? Chamomile tea and melatonin)

NoteThis is not a weight loss post. I do not promote the restriction of food for the intention of unnecessary weight loss. This is my detox routine used to help my body get back on track and back to healthy living. Also, this detox is not recommended for longer than 2 days.

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