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Traveling Out of The Country? Things You Need to Know

Before confirming your travel plans here are a few tips you may want to consider.

Do you have a passport? You need one!
It can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks so plan ahead.

There are very few countries that require a visa and typically a passport is sufficient for most leisure travel. Double check to be on the safe side! Also, if you plan to stay for an extended length of time you may need to apply for a visa.

Credit Card
Does your credit card charge international fees?
Some cards charge up to 3% per transaction! Unless you don’t mind find out.
If you travel often it would be wise to apply for a travel reward credit card.

Cell Phone Coverage
Do you have an international cell phone/data plan?
If not, find out how much it will cost to use data/text.
Advice: Turn off data and use free Wifi i.e. coffee shops
OR: Download the Whats App -Very useful!

Tipping for Services
Find out what is appropriate.
Who do you tip? Who not to tip? How much?
Every place you visit and service will vary.

Converters for Electronics
In many cases you will need a converter if you are traveling with electronics.

How will you get around? Its often very easy if you plan ahead.
If renting a car find out what side of the road to travel on.
Research public transportation i.e. city buses, trains, or subways.

This isn’t necessary for most travel destinations but traveling to certain countries (for example) in Africa immunizations may be required so be sure to find out!

Medical Care
Find out where the nearest hospital or medical facility is located. Have addresses, directions, and phone numbers available in case of emergencies.

If you plan on traveling with cash find out what the conversion rates are. Also find out if it’s best to convert money using your personal bank or with a facility at your destination.

Personal Medical Prescriptions
There are many travel items you can easily replace if forgotten with the exception of your medical prescriptions. Do not forget to include them on your packing list!


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