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Favorite Beauty Travel Products

DisclaimerNone of the products mentioned were gifted nor am I being paid for my review. After fervent research and product testing I have concluded that these products are my current personal favorites!  Affiliate links are provided which can be used if you would like to support Destination Travelbug at NO COST to you. If you do not wish to do so, you are still more than welcome to use this website for your convenience at any time with no obligation!

Recently I have made small changes in my choice of beauty products. I now purchase products that are organic, cruelty free, and provide quality ingredients. I’ve also started buying travel sizes for two reasons; one, I travel a lot and two, it helps me use up product without waste! After product is used, I make sure to recycle my empty product containers.

Remorsefully, I have thrown away a countless amount of makeup and beauty products creating unnecessary waste for our landfills but small changes will eventually add up in a big way. I am still using some products that are not considered organic, environment friendly, or cruelty free because I’m also sticking to a new motto of “waste not, want not.”

The products listed below not only meet my new beauty standard but also measure up in terms of quality results. In essence, I LOVE these products! All products will be linked to their sites.

Stowaway Cosmetics is a dream come true for travelers. Their slogan, “Right Sized Makeup” is not only beneficial for travelers but also to those who are environmentally conscious. I can honestly say after using this makeup that I will end up with empty containers and that makes me feel good. Their cosmetics are also cruelty free, organic, and have beneficial ingredients.

My absolutely favorite product of Stowaway Cosmetics is their cream lipsticks! I bought the color ‘Muted Plum’ and I feel like it was made for me! The Beauty Balm is really nice too and gives great coverage. All of the products are great except (sadly) for the mascara. They have two formulas; Extreme Lash and Defined Lash. I got the Extreme Lash and the formula is too thick for my taste. I will use it up though but my next purchase will be the Defined Lash.

The other thing I LOVE about this company is their recycle program. They pay to have your empties sent back to them AND they give a $5 credit towards purchase for every product container sent back. All I can say is THANK YOU!

Stowaway Cosmetics – https://www.stowawaycosmetics.com/?source=affiliate-cj



The other products I have in my travel bag is John Masters Organics. I started with the full sized bottles in my shower and enjoy them so much that I wanted to travel with them! John Masters Organics is another company that offers cruelty free, organic, and quality ingredients as apart of their philosophy.

All of their products are great and small divine but my favorite is their Rose and Apricot Hair Milk. My hair loves it!

John Masters Organics – https://johnmasters.com/



The last travel product that I wanted to mention were the toiletry and makeup bag I use and LOVE. They are small enough for convenient travel yet big enough to hold all of my necessities. The makeup bag I use whether I’m traveling or applying makeup at home. My makeup is always in that bag. Also, my toiletry travel bag is always packed and I have a post coming up on what I keep in it so stay tuned for that.

Travel Bag – https://www.amazon.com/gp/huc/view.html?ie=UTF8&newItems=CTFU7KP7EBLTW%2C1%7CC31JD5LSPXSYS%2C1

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